Worship Songs – Supernovas March 15, 2020

Although at such a time as this we find ourselves in a place of being unable to gather together to worship corporately, together as one body of Christ, it is important to remember that we are still fully capable of worshiping. While our service may have been cancelled, music is still an important expression of our praise. Though we may not be worshiping through song together, we can still use songs of praise to focus our hearts and minds on things above, as well as on the good things that God has made. The following is a list of the songs we would have sang in person this Sunday, but I would like to encourage you to listen to them anyways and acknowledge the truth in the words. If you would still like to sing a long at home, I have included links to the original artists’ recordings with lyrics attached in the description where possible!

Look To The Son – Hillsong Worship


Come As You Are – David Crowder

These First two songs are intended to focus our minds and our hearts on God and how he has invited us to come into communion with him. In “Look To The Son,” we sing about who Christ is and why we come to worship him, and in “Come As You Are” the words speak to the truth that no matter where we are, physically or in our spiritual walk with Christ, we are invited to come and meet with God. As you listen to, and perhaps sing, these two songs you can consider the why behind our meetings – why we meet, why we are able to meet, and why we sing our praises to the God most high. Below are the links to these two songs and there are lyrics for both of them posted in the video descriptions.

Look to the Son: https://youtu.be/4gBTK1Ra3G8

Come as You Are:https://youtu.be/r2zhf2mqEMI

Saturn – Sleeping At Last

“Saturn” is a beautiful song written by Ryan O’Neal. As you will hear, the piece begins with an instrumental that is reflective of the majesty and breadth of the cosmos, which is followed by lyrics that O’Neal says are “perhaps written from Galileo’s children(s) perspective” (Sleeping At Last [website], 2016). Similar to what we did last week, this song is not a typical Christian praise song. However, the beauty of God’s creation and the beauty of life, death, and resurrection are so present in the words and in the musicality of what Ryan O’Neal has created that we can worship and honor God simply by naming God’s presence in this work of art. Again, the lyrics for this song are in the video description if you are so inclined as to sing along!

Saturn: https://youtu.be/dzNvk80XY9s

Be Enthroned – Bethel Worship


Death Was Arrested – North Point InsideOut

Our closing songs for this week remind us of the greatness of the God we are worshiping. “Be Enthroned” speaks of us singing praises alongside all of creation, and “Death Was Arrested” points us back to Christ’s victory on the cross. As we look forward to our Easter season, I encourage you to take these truths with you in your daily lives. Truly, we worship a great God – the one who creates supernova’s and the God who conquered the grave to reconcile us to himself.

Be Enthroned: https://youtu.be/xA4zOAtPeJ0

Death was Arrested : https://youtu.be/uMsMiluCUUI

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