The Future of Sunday Morning Service

Last week the church leadership team met and began to discuss the possibility of a transition from online services to live services in our facility.

Like many of you we are eager to reconnect in a safe and responsible way.

To that end we have tentatively chosen July 26th as a possible restart date — subject to the following conditions:

  1. We will continue to follow and respond to the most current provincial guidance and adjust our plan/timing accordingly.
  1. We will not be the first church in our city to ‘restart’. Before we go ahead, we will want to hear from several other churches re: their re-opening experiences and be assured that they have been able to successfully avoid a COVID19 outbreak and re-open in a meaningful way (the last thing we want to do is be known as that Marda Loop church that started too soon).
  1. Next week we will be sending a survey to each of you so that we can hear what you think about re-starting (re: gathering restrictions, timing, etc) — especially if you’re a senior. The province currently recommends that churches consider “ways other than in-person attendance to include/support people who are at greater risk of severe disease, including people over 65 years of age and people with chronic medical conditions.”
  1. We will also be doing an internal ‘risk assessment’ in relation to the timing and process of re-opening.

This is the plan we will be implementing over the next month. We look forward to hearing from you via the survey. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the church office (or a leadership team member).

Our hope and prayer is that the virus will continue to abate, the province will be able to further loosen restrictions and many churches in our city will successfully be able to re-gather in the weeks and months ahead.

By choosing a July 26th date and preparing as though we will open on that date, we will be ready for any eventuality.

May God continue to keep you in this socially distant time. Your Marda Loop Church Leadership Team

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