1 thought on “The Gospel according to Frontline Health Care Workers”

  1. I just wanted to add support for the pastor. I believe Christ would agree with trying to keep people safe, to whatever extent is morally and spiritually correct and proper. A mask to help keep yourself and others safe and healthy is a small price to pay. I believe Christ would tell these people to back off and spend their time and effort helping others, and keeping others safe. Apparently these folks don’t really want to help and respect others! I have been a Christian all my life and can’t really believe that others who call themselves Cristian would not want to help others and keep them safe. Not wearing a mask at this time in history shows they are selfish and do not care about others, especially those who may already have their health compromised. I wish you all the best, and regardless of the outcome, I believe Christ will say to you, “Thank you good and faithful servant! Good bless you and keep the faith! Grant Arthurs

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