Our Financial Challenge

November 24th, 2021

Dear Marda Looper,

As someone who has been connecting with Marda Loop Church over this past year, we’re
reaching out for your help.
Like all faith communities, the pandemic has hit us our church hard—and because we are a
small re-start, with limited resources, the impact has been significant. The four-year funding
window we thought we had in late 2019 has now shrunk to a two-year funding window (i.e. in
about 6 months we will hit a financial wall). Over the past 18 months, we’ve lost building
tenants, been unable to build live attendance, and have not reached the level of community
support we’d hoped for.
But we’re not without hope. Throughout this pandemic, God has continued to build his
church—drawing new people into our community (both live and virtually), continuing to get our
message out to the world (via the media, social media, and YouTube), and leading us into a bold
new vision of what church can be.
We feel that, while our financials are challenging, our future is bright.
To step into this future, we need to get over our looming cash-flow hump—ergo, our reaching
out to you. God has given our church a compelling vision—one that, we believe, needs to
continue and flourish. God has sustained us in many ways throughout this pandemic. At this
time, we’re hoping that one of those ways will be through your ongoing support.
As you may have heard, our leadership team is also pursuing other medium-term
funding/support options. Early next year, we will be making a grant/loan request to our
regional church body (called “Classis”). We’re hoping that these monies, along with increased
local community support, and future church growth, will be God’s way to carry us through.
Thank you for being a part of Marda Loop Church (and for considering our request).
We wish you a blessed Christmas season.

Your MLC Leadership Team

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